ASTR 150 Spring 2017 Sections AC & AD Syllabus

Professor: Toby Smith

TA: Meredith Durbin

Location: PAA A216 [map]
Time: AC: MW 10:30-11:20am AD: MW 11:30am-12:20pm
Office hours: PAB B333 MW 9-10am or by appt
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Course description: Survey of the planets of the solar system, with emphases on recent space exploration of the planets and on the comparative evolution of the Earth and the other planets.

Text: None required

Expectations and Policies:

  • General
    • All work should have your full name, the section identifier, assignment title, and the due date on it, and should be presented in a clean and legible manner.
    • Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due at the beginning of section a week after we start them; if I introduce an assignment on Wednesday, it will be due as you come in to class the following Wednesday.
    • Late work is generally not accepted. However, I understand that life happens, and if you have a good reason for being late please contact me before the due date if possible and we can work things out.
    • I trust you to make decisions about phone/internet usage in class yourself; I only ask that it not be distracting to others. (This does mean silencing phones.)
    • I prefer to be contacted through Canvas, but for urgent matters my email is
  • Attendance and Absences
    • I strongly encourage you to make attending section and lecture a priority. Absences do not impact your grade directly, but there is a lot of information that is only available in class. If you are absent, you are responsible for all missed work.
  • Academic Honesty
  • Ethics & Respect
    • A welcoming classroom environment in which all students feel supported in their learning is very important to me. Recognizing that you each bring insights and experiences to the classroom that are different from my own, I invite your feedback in whatever form you feel most comfortable (email, in person conversation, anonymous note). In particular, if I ever use an example/analogy or make a comment that feels isolating or derogatory to you, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to learn from you and improve my practice. Similarly, if you feel isolated or disrespected by a comment made by one of your classmates, or you see or hear something you believe I should know about, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention.
    • For more information, please consult the UW nondiscrimination policy and the UW Astronomy statement on harassment.
  • Accommodations for Disabilities
    • If you have any kind of disability, whether apparent or non-apparent, learning, emotional, physical, or cognitive, and you need some accommodations or alternatives to section activities, please feel free to contact me to discuss reasonable accommodations for your access needs.
  • Tl;dr you are responsible for your learning, and I am responsible for helping you. I can do that best if you are proactive about communicating with me.